How the NoTime Jewels are born

Every single jewel is drawn inside a comic strip , becoming part of a story that will characterize the entire collection. It's the story of Amina and Karbo , lovers separated by a twist of fate that catapults them into different dimensions, they can only meet once: at 12pm for 12 hours. And from here the concept of the " NoTime Jewels " was born.

Multimedia collages


Collane realizzate a mano in ottone e bronzo. 


Orecchini realizzati a mano in ottone e bronzo. 

  • 12pm. Quando il tempo sta per scadere

    NoTime Jewels_the DarkSide Collection ” entirely made in bronze.

    The collection is characterized by an almost impalpable lightness in sharp contrast with the geometric lines of the jewels.

  • 12pm. Se davvero vuoi

    NoTime Jewels_the DarkSide

    Each piece is glazed black and then sanded by hand to make it opaque and unique.

  • 12pm. Anima contro Anima

    NoTime Jewels_the DarkSide

    A small stylized drawing is assigned to each jewel.